Smart Ride is a leading company in the field of electric modes of transportation in Egypt.

We are concerned with supporting the use of economical and ecofriendly modes of transportation in the Egyptian market through providing high-quality electric products and maintenance centers to serve its customers throughout the Country


Leading the Egyptian market in the field of environmentally friendly electric transportation.


Playing a positive role to develop the Egyptian industry and utilizing the available resources to promote a clean and smart transport culture to not only serve the citizens, but also save the environment and support the economy by reducing the consumption of petroleum products and the import of vehicles.


 Working to spread the culture of using electric transportation in Egypt, Providing electric modes of transportation / vehicles in all governorates, 100% use of clean energy in 2030, Contribute to manufacturing a 100% Egyptian product, Create a 100% Egyptian brand



In the name of Allah the Merciful Keeping pace with the rapid developments and advances around us, it has become imperative for all of us to follow this path and join the march of progress forward. Believing from Smart Ride Company to activate its role in supporting the national industry and keeping our environment clean and free from pollution, we have assumed the responsibility of leadership to provide our products with international quality standards supporting and meeting the needs of the Egyptian citizen by providing warranty, maintenance, spare parts availability and programs of sale that suits all levels of income. We hope to achieve our aspirations to support our national industry by the hands of its sons in the Arab Organization for Industrialization (Qader factory for advanced industries) and to protect our children’s health and keep our atmosphere clean. Hoping that God will unite visions and goals to work all together for the good and contentment of our dear homeland.

Why Electric Scooters!

Environmentally friendly, zero emission, save the planet.

Lower operation cost approximately 1/20 the of gas equivalents.

Quieter usage.

Cleaner operation.

More reliable, fewer moving parts for less maintenance.

Traffic problem solutions.

Hard work and performance.

Bring more fun and freedom.

Smart Scooter


It’s not just an electric scooter, it’s an innovation in the scooters manufacturing.

A new era of electric vehicles combines technology, art, luxury, fashion, safety, quality and reasonable price.
We have lots of models to fit your choice.
We proudly present to you the number one environmental friendly and Hi-tech scooter in the world.

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